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US-4060303-A: Fused in-line power connector arrangement patent, US-4093983-A: Fast and normal rate instruction fetching patent, US-4108631-A: Ring-substituted N-(2,2-difluoroalkanoyl)-o-phenylenediamine compounds patent, US-4132963-A: Gain controlled signal amplifier patent, US-4134224-A: Fishing lures patent, US-4148775-A: Hot-melt adhesive compositions patent, US-4153506-A: Method of starting operation of a nuclear reactor patent, US-4157987-A: Catalyst compositions especially useful for preparation of unsaturated acids patent, US-4185352-A: Scraped-surface apparatus patent, US-4197340-A: Drawing composition and process patent, US-4216575-A: Method of reforming the fins of a finned tube patent, US-4232574-A: Apparatus and method for providing a cigarette filter with an aeration groove patent, US-4282220-A: Cephem derivatives patent, US-4299230-A: Stabbing apparatus for diagnosis of living body patent, US-4311110-A: Electrostatic photocopying apparatus with improved developer supply means patent, US-4330693-A: Multi-polar switch patent, US-4357226-A: Anode of dimensionally stable oxide-ceramic individual elements patent, US-4417421-A: Apparatus for polishing interior surfaces of pipes or the like patent, US-2008189067-A1: Methods and Meter Electronics for Rapidly Detecting a Non-Uniformity of a Material Flowing Through a Coriolis Flowmeter patent, US-4452382-A: Container closure patent, US-4464291-A: Process for enhancing or augmenting the aroma of perfume compositions, colognes and perfumed articles using norbornyl diesters patent, US-4471337-A: Conductor bundles for the coils of dry inductors patent, US-4547636-A: Slidable contact assembly patent, US-4571764-A: Multi-purpose electrotechnological pliers patent, US-4694264-A: Radio frequency coaxial feedthrough device patent, US-4733254-A: Thermal head and image forming apparatus using the same patent, US-4808468-A: Polyimide film and its manufacturing method patent, US-4885875-A: Lens edging machine and method patent, US-4909471-A: Combination of a lockable container and securing means on which the lockable container can be positioned and locked for later retrieval patent, US-4970472-A: Compensated phase locked loop circuit patent, US-4990374-A: Selective area chemical vapor deposition patent, US-5235308-A: Thermal protector patent, US-5329417-A: Relay control circuit and method of operating same patent, US-5363336-A: Semiconductor memory device controlling the supply voltage on BIT lines patent, US-5375473-A: Semiconductor type differential pressure measurement apparatus and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-5422704-A: Pellicle frame patent, US-5434619-A: Solid-state imaging device imaging device having noise cancellation and an output pixel signal patent, US-5450307-A: Switching power source apparatus patent, US-5539760-A: Process for the transposition of an optical modulation of one wavelength to another adjustable wavelength patent, US-5553447-A: Coupler of a rake patent, US-5645171-A: Material separator system utilizing vacuum induced airflow patent, US-5689197-A: BIMOS-type current switch apparatus patent, US-5744032-A: Easily removable oil filter attachment patent, US-5798006-A: Pre-manufacturing method of a cylinder head by means of junction of low fusing point A1 alloyed layers patent, US-5858888-A: Firefighter garment utilizing improved high-lubricity lining material patent, US-5867970-A: Header lift system for harvesters patent, US-5943555-A: Micro mechanical component and production process thereof patent, US-6025008-A: Yogurt patent, US-6060152-A: Fabric with microencapsulated breach indication coating patent, US-6207962-B1: Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods exhibiting reduced thermal deformation of mark-defining member patent, US-6268812-B1: Optical rotating recording medium, data recording method, recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus patent, US-6294982-B1: Visual messaging system for high speed networks patent, US-6353155-B1: Method for transforming plants patent, US-6366388-B1: Light modulator comprising a photochromic layer patent, US-6468820-B2: Process for fabricating semiconductor laser emitting apparatus patent, US-6497976-B1: Method for electrolyte injection patent, US-6732215-B2: Super scalable multiprocessor computer system patent, US-3886831-A: Electrohydraulically controlled cut off saw patent, US-3913447-A: Router mitering-guide patent, US-3918802-A: Motion picture camera which can use different kinds of film cartridges containing different length of film patent, US-3920211-A: Lunch box holder patent, US-3962894-A: Method of and apparatus for stretching a metal strip patent, US-4031622-A: Portable power driven implement patent, US-4050621-A: Method and apparatus for soldering electric terminals to double-sided circuit boards patent, US-4081096-A: Cantilevered belted bag loading method patent, US-4117857-A: Fuel control system for a prime mover patent, US-4130948-A: Shoe insert patent, US-4183251-A: Timer mechanism patent, US-4225412-A: Apparatus for separating neutral molecules using a bipolar membrane as a molecular sieve patent, US-4292825-A: Gauge and tension control system for tandem rolling mill patent, US-4316902-A: Therapeutic compositions and vehicles for topical pharmaceuticals patent, US-4370678-A: Recording apparatus with beam scan information reading patent, US-4422227-A: Roller assembly patent, US-4432163-A: Adjustable mounting system for patio doors and the like patent, US-4496369-A: Apparatus for gasification of carbon patent, US-4511554-A: Non-staining antiperspirant stick composition patent, US-4528789-A: Insulated roof system patent, US-4545445-A: Span adjusting system of electronic weighing apparatus patent, US-4547321-A: Compounds containing the [Co(MoS4)2 ]3- trianion and their preparation patent, US-4588655-A: Ceramic flame spray powder patent, US-4593923-A: Bicycle sprocket chain cleaner patent, US-4598203-A: Multielement radiation detector patent, US-4600610-A: Molded body for embedding radioactive waste and process for its production patent, US-4636595-A: Timer and motor assembly patent, US-4662937-A: Process for production of high-manganese iron alloy by smelting reduction patent, US-4676351-A: Hydraulic operated control system to apply vehicle brakes patent, US-4735645-A: Method and apparatus for tempering glassware patent, US-4774771-A: Self cleaning chill roll apparatus patent, US-4919516-A: Optical tandem scanning system using a koesters reflecting prism for light splitting patent, US-4982088-A: Method and apparatus for highly sensitive spectroscopy of trapped ions patent, US-5033182-A: Method of making a refrigerator cabinet patent, US-5072501-A: Device for restoring lost fluid pressure particularly in riveting machines patent, US-5083242-A: Illuminated underwater writing tablet patent, US-5113265-A: Apparatus for determining recording mode of frequency-modulated video signal patent, US-5124476-A: Process for the preparation of α-fluoroacryloyl derivatives patent, US-5254764-A: Integrated process for producing iso-butene and alkyl tert-butyl ethers patent, US-5267835-A: Pump speed controller-nuclear hardened/temperature responsive patent, US-5321919-A: Internal abrading tool and method of making patent, US-5379046-A: Interference wave canceller patent, US-5581851-A: Draw operating type clamping device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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